For over 10 years Sompo Inc. has been a top distributor that has thrived on the simple value of putting our customers first, from major brand companies to the mom and pop shop on the corner.

    Sompo Inc. is constantly on the lookout for exciting new vendors, wholesalers, and opportunities to expand. We've spent years building relationships with brand names and selling fast-moving consumer goods. Our work in both, the domestic and international markets, gives us a distinct viewpoint and the expertise into every sale we make.

    No matter what your product, we are equipped to take care of it. We treat every brand as if it's our own. Sompo Inc. has worked with wholesalers, discount stores, supermarkets, $.99 cent stores, pharmacies, food service suppliers, janitorial equipment providers and more. Additionally, we have a separate division that handles secondary market opportunity buys, and closeout items for those working as resellers.

    Our aim isn't just to be a fast, world-class distributor. Not only do we provide product, but also an understanding of all aspects of the business including building product portfolios, research, development, and forecasting models. When you work with us, we're not just a middleman to buy and sell products, but an ally dedicated to help your business grow.

    Our focus on meaningful customer relationships has given us much knowledge and expertise in various consumer fields. While working with us, you can trust us to put that knowledge to work for you in the areas you need it most.

    Our main goal has always been to deliver unrivaled customer service at a competitive price. With warehouses located throughout the country, we're ready to efficiently handle any requests you have, no matter where you are. Years of experience also comes with intimate knowledge of vendor requirements and other regulations to help keep distribution as quick and smooth as possible.

    To find out how we can take your business and products to exciting new places, get in touch with us today.


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